Mis(s) Communication

A couple of weeks ago, I announced that I would be embarking on a 6 month adventure called The Playground Project (see below for details or please visit http://www.bigpicturefinefocus.com/what.html) and sharing my experiences with all of you in the hopes of raising awareness for the opportunities that exist, the elements that connect us all, and to spark a curiosity of what could be.

Within a day of sending the email announcement out, I received a couple of interesting offers as well as my first reminder & learning lesson.

The offers:

greeting card writer

professional organizer

personal sous-chef


EMBRACE IMPERFECTION. The Playground Project began as an idea. Though I did not and do not have all of the answers or know exactly how it will shape out, I decided to share it with my network and let nature take its course. If I were to wait until I had all of the answers, I would never have released it and embarked on this incredible journey. The beauty of imperfection is that it can lead to moments of wow, incredible experiences, and new inspiration/ideas. Ladies & Gents, life is now; perfection can wait.

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right-for you’ll be criticized anyway.”-Eleanor Roosevelt

Learning lesson:

Some people will understand what you are doing while others may not. Come up with creative ways to communicate with others who do not initially get it about what you are doing in a language that they understand. The opportunity: HELP PEOPLE UNDERSTAND BY PUTTING YOURSELF IN THEIR SHOES (ironically, this was one of the motivating factors of The Playground Project).

The reality friends is, not everyone is going to understand what you do and it’s up to us how we interpret it. Do we see it as a set-back (obstacle) or a set-up (opportunity) to dig deeper and become a master of communication.

So with that said, I am in creative mode and will be unveiling a new video in the upcoming week to help explain The Playground Project, what it is about, why it matters, and what is to come.

To all those who got it, THANK YOU.

And to those who need some clarity, it will come.

Stay tuned for the new video as well as some very exciting announcements:).

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